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What apps are there out there to help auditors and accountants in day to day operations?

In the age of cloud based accounting and cloud based documentation, it is nice to see an app that helps this process by making it easier to scan and share the documents that we are presented with.  With Evernote increasingly making their presence known in the document scanning and storage area, it was only a matter of time before they came up with a functional scanning system that is able to be done on your phone: Evernote Scannable.


The Basics?

Evernote Scannable is an iPhone app that allows you to scan documents from anywhere into your phone and then upload these in various formats.  The most useful one to use is the PDF scanner that allows for multiple page scanning without the need for the document to be separated.  Once stored in the phone you have several options to share this document – email it, message it, export it, add it to the camera roll or upload it to Evernote (if you have the program). 02 iPhone

Tips and tricks

The great thing about this app is that the setup is simple and you are able to start using the app straight away.  It is as simple as point and wait.  Yes that is right – you simply point the phone camera at the document you want to scan and then wait for the app to do the rest.  Once scanned you will see a thumbnail appear at the bottom of the page.  If you wish to make it a multiple page document you can continue to scan the rest of the pages until complete.

Once complete you select the pages that you need and then simply click the way that you want to share the document.  In our case we email this to ourselves to allow for insertion into our documentation library.  You may want to simply add it to your camera roll to show someone later – the choice is yours.

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Our review

The good:

It’s free.

Speed. This app is fast! Software that lags never makes it easier for you. Scannable opens quickly and also processes and sends the images to Evernote or your email program quickly.

PDF or JPEG choice. You have a choice of file type in the settings. I use PDF 95% of the time but I do scan the odd photograph or two and for those instances I’ll select JPEG.

Integration. Scannable connects flawlessly with Evernote (it’s their app!) but they also allowed for iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive integration. They want the app to appeal not only to Evernote power users, but also as a general replacement for other scanning apps regardless of the preferred storage location.

Design. It’s a great app with a nice icon and appealing design. It is a very usable design.


The bad:

Glare. To make Scannable perform at its best you have to use it in a well-lit area. This works great for most documents but if you are scanning something with a slight sheen, the image won’t be perfect. If you’re scanning a glossy piece of paper you’ll have to really watch the angle at which you hold your phone.  Best results are achieved when there is more contrast between the document and the background.

iPhone Only.  At this stage it is only available for iPhone users, not sure if they will have an Android version soon.


Give it a try – we are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by it.

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