The Not For Profit Podcast Ep 10: Financial Assistance for Those in Need

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Poverty is a huge problem all around the world. It’s a pressing issue that governments and communities need to deal with. Our guest for today is set on helping people get out of this critical situation.

Rosie Kendall, the CEO of Christians Against Poverty has been at it since the year 2013. First as a Centre Development Manager and then recently as Chief Executive Officer. Today, we will be discussing three main points: 1) What are the common factors among most people that Rosie’s organisation reaches out to; 2) Are there common factors that put a person in this financial situation? And 3) How do Rosie and her organisation reach out?

How do you make people understand that they are not alone in their situation? How do you let them know that there is help out there? To answer more of these questions, be sure to tune into today’s episode!

About Christians Against Poverty (2:52)

  • When did it start?
  • What does CAP do?
  • What are their goals?
  • How the founder started raising funds for the organisation when they first started

Rosie’s Story (5:38)

  • How Rosie got involved with CAP
  • What was Rosie’s first job at CAP?
  • What brought Rosie to CAP Australia?

The Poverty Factor(s) (10:54)

  • Rosie talks about the multi-layer of factors that lead to a person’s poverty situation.
  • Rosie shares a story of one particular situation where the scales finally tip and the breaking point is reached.
  • CAP’s pride is its service to the people they were designed to help.
  • Rosie gives a quick overview of CAP’s process in helping people get out of their poverty situation.

The Gap (13:50)

  • The gap between the people CAP has helped and those who haven’t been helped yet.
  • The reasons behind the massive gap between “helped” and “not helped” YET.

More about CAP (15:55)

  • The church runs CAP, but it’s for everybody.
  • The church as CAP’s resource centre.
  • CAP does not look at a person’s religious views, they help everybody.
  • CAP is completely FREE.

Being Debt-Free (18:00)

  • Reaching out is the hardest step.
  • Rosie gives a quick walk-through of what happens when people finally make the call and reach out to CAP.
  • Being debt-free versus being there: What stands out and what do people in need find more significant?
  • The milestone of becoming debt-free.
rosie kendall

Who is Rosie Kendall?

Rosie Kendall is the Chief Executive Officer of Christians Against Poverty-Australia. Rosie has been in the organisation since the year 2006. She started as a volunteer and eventually became the CEO in 2017. Christians Against Poverty helps people alleviate their financial burdens by guiding them and walking with them hand-in-hand on their journey to becoming debt-free.

If you’re listening to this podcast and realise that you need help or know someone who does, don’t hesitate to call the Christians Against Poverty hotline: 1-300-227-000

For other concerns, you can reach CAP through their website: Christians Against Poverty.

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