The Not For Profit Podcast Ep 11: Funding NFPs and Setting Up Strategic Alliances

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Finance is such a big word. In every business, organisation, and community, it is vital. With our guest for today, financial sponsorships are essential. However, along with that need must come the consideration of whether or not the sponsors are aligned with the same vision as the organisation.

Today, we’re joined by Tim Oberg once again, the strategic director of Asia Pacific Parkrun. We’ll be talking mainly about how important it is to find the right alliances and sponsors for an NFP. In addition to that, we’ll also be talking about strategic partnerships and how you can coordinate them.

This episode is for everyone so please make sure you join us and enjoy!

Setting up Alliances (1:47)

  • How did Tim find alliances and sponsors for Parkrun?
  • How did Tim align these sponsors with the Parkrun ethos?
  • Finding partners is easy but finding the GOOD ones is what’s challenging.
  • The mission and vision is the standard for selecting appropriate partners.
  • One of the components is money—having the right budget to support Parkrun.
  • Sponsorships are similar all over the Parkrun network.

Time Management (7:38)

  • Tim is the strategic director of Parkrun for the Asia Pacific region.
  • Tim maximises strong volunteer support to be able to manage Asia Pacific Parkrun efficiently.
  • What are ambassador roles? How do they help in the management of Parkrun?

Team Management (9:47)

  • Managing Parkrun on a global scale.
  • Communication is the key factor in resolving misunderstandings.

Individualism: Being different while being the same (12:06)

  • How does Parkrun preserve its integrity all around the globe?
  • What do you mean by being different but being the same?
  • Setting non-negotiable factors.
  • What makes every Parkrun unique?

More About Parkrun (14:37)

  • What are the support branches of Parkrun?
  • Parkrun’s mission is overall health and happiness.
  • The community connections make Parkrun unique.
  • Don’t think of Parkrun as JUST a 5k run—think of it as a way to feel good and be happy.

Finding Help and Volunteers (17:11)

  • Never say no to anyone who wants to volunteer.
  • Parkrun has never run out of volunteers.
  • The benefits one can get from volunteering for events like Parkrun.
  • Volunteerism should not be seen as a sacrifice.

Managing Finances (19:21)

  • “A dollar out is one dollar out of your pocket and a dollar in is one dollar in your pocket.”
  • Operate an NFP as if it was your business.
  • Just because it’s an NFP, doesn’t mean you can’t earn a profit.
  • Generate as much revenue as possible.

Who is Tim Oberg?

Tim Oberg is the Strategic Director of Parkrun. He is a self-motivated, energetic leader who possesses the unique ability to build rapport with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Tim is highly organised and is capable of managing multiple projects at once. Tim is an inspiring educator and speaker.

Contact Tim Oberg:

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