The Not For Profit Podcast Ep 04: How Not For Profits Can Instigate Change

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After a devastating loss, what will it take for you to rise up? In today’s episode of the Not For Profit Podcast, I will be speaking with someone who has had to deal with the pain of the tragic loss of loved ones, and how she got on top of that to make a change.

Kerrie Keepa, our guest for today, is the founder of SOS F.A.S.T. who shares with us three invaluable lessons for not only running a Not For Profit, but also for life, namely: 1) Don’t let the loss fall by the wayside; 2) Remember, you are never alone; and 3) If you want to make a change, do it one change at a time.

So if you’re someone who is passionate about instigating change, then tune in to this episode.

Brief History of SOS F.A.S.T. (2:49)

  • Meaning of SOS F.A.S.T.
  • The tragedy of a devastating loss
  • The story of the Facebook page
  • The story of petitions
  • Going to parliament

The Drive: What kept you going? (8:21)

  • The responsibility
  • The passion of pursuing an issue that needs to be addressed

Expansions: What are the plans so far? (12:14)

  • Other states are looking into it
  • Recognizing the existence of the issue not only in Queensland but worldwide
  • “It takes one person to change the world.”
  • Prevalence comes faster when all NFPs work together to achieve a common goal

NFPs being prevalent: Drive from the government or from the private sector? (17:53)

  • Don’t force anything or anyone, just plant a seed
  • How to achieve better outcomes
  • Work on the more important things first

Advice for others in the same situation (19:38)

  • Know what you want to change
  • Know your expectations
  • Go for ONE thing that matters to be more realistic
kerrie keepa

Who is Kerrie Keepa?

Kerrie Keepa started the SOS F.A.S.T. and is really passionate about suicide prevention and awareness for a good reason. After losing her brother, two sisters, nephew and own son to suicide, Kerrie has worked closely with the Queensland government and other local politicians to implement change in training doctors, nurses, and other staff to better manage health issues when presented at emergency departments.

Contact Kerrie Keepa:

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