The Not For Profit Podcast Ep 05: Large Not For Profits and Strategies During Changing Stages

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The only constant thing in this world is change. And when change comes, we have to be prepared for it. Especially in the world of not-for-profits where we can be unsure of what lies ahead.

In today’s episode of The Not For Profit Podcast, I will be talking to Brett Mcleod, an experienced general manager who is skilled in handling large Not For Profit organizations. If you want to learn what it REALLY takes to deal with larger Not For Profits, and all the strategies (however heartbreaking they may be at times) to ensure success and longevity in the industry, in spite of the ever-changing trends, then this is for you.

Tune in and stay with us until the end.

Brett’s History And Involvement With NFPs (1:14)

  • What got Brett involved in NFPs
  • What Brett had been doing before NFPs
  • What got Brett involved in the board
  • Brett’s first exposure to NFPs
  • The biggest hurdle Brett had to encounter in transitioning from board to CEO

Myth: NFPs Can’t Make Profit (7:10)

  • Terminologies
  • You have to make profit in an NFP world for sustainability and growth
  • Brett’s biggest financial challenge
  • Marriage between pragmatism and faith?

How Brett Moved On From His Biggest Financial Challenge (10:26)

  • Prayer Life
  • How a magazine turned his financial management skills around
  • Faith and Pragmatism had to go together
  • Restructuring: Two restructures Brett implemented in the organization
  • Brett’s advice to organizations going through the same financial ordeal

Restructuring: Brett’s Implementations To Make The Restructure Work (16:13)

  • What are the non-negotiable elements of the organization that HAVE to continue?
  • What are the roles and functions we need to fulfil on a scaled-down version?
  • What are the skill sets we need to fulfil those roles and functions?
  • The importance of scaling back to move forward

Brett’s Realizations After His NFP Experience (18:48)

  • What is the critical aspect of an organization?
  • The Carver Governance Model
  • Governance VS Operational-minded
  • How does the Carver Model affect relationships within the organization? In what way?
brett mcleod

Who is Brett McLeod?

Brett McLeod is an experienced general manager who is very skilled in handling large Not For Profit organizations. He was once a board member for Focus On The Family Australia, until he ultimately became the CEO. Brett has vast experience in business planning, coaching and entrepreneurship. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science focused on Civil Engineering, but has always had a heart, a passion for Not For Profits.

Contact Brett McLeod:

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