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The Not For Profit Podcast with Matt Williams

There are many not for profit organisations in the world, all with different goals and objectives. Some of them succeed while some don’t. Running or setting up a not for profit is rife with challenges and responsibilities.

That's why The Not For Profit Podcast exists. This podcast will guide you through all things not for profit. You have questions, you say? We have the answers—anything from the basics of setting up one to finance and board compliance.

There are no limits to what this show will cover. So for all not for profit organisations, sit back and take in all the great insights we’ve got for you.

The Not For Profit Podcast Ep 17: NFPs and Family Focus

In today’s episode, we will be talking with Brett Ryan, CEO of Focus on the Family, about three main points: 1) having work and life balance, 2) taking care of yourself, and 3) keeping your tasks in line with the NFP’s mission.
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The Not For Profit Podcast Ep 16: Xero and NFPs: A Basic Introduction

In today’s episode, we will talk about the Xero Accounting Package and its features. I’ll give you an overview of what Xero looks like, and I’ll teach you how easy it is to use.
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The Not For Profit Podcast Ep 15: Me and NFPs

So for today’s episode, I‘m handing the reins over to someone I trust enough to interview me about myself and what I do in the Not For Profit space. Charley Valher, Chief Podcast Officer at Valher Media will be asking me some questions which will help you understand more about me and what I do.
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The Not For Profit Podcast Ep 14: International NFP and Collaboration

In today’s episode, we will be talking to Rikky Murphy, the International Director of Project Justice International (PJI). He will share with us how they achieve their mission by 1) maintaining and measuring effectiveness in their organization, 2) collaborating with other institutions for their advocacy, and 3) focusing on one village instead of focusing on many.
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The Not For Profit Podcast Ep 13: Values, Branding, and External Perceptions on an NFP

In today’s episode, we will be talking to Ben Naitoko—Senior Pastor of King’s Church, Gold Coast about three main topics: 1) The alignment of values of the Church and the Pastor that takes over, 2) Being an itinerant pastor to full-time pastor (the changes and adjustment period), and 3) The external perception and what he did to push across with it.
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The Not For Profit Podcast Ep 12: NFP Mergers and Effective Communication Tools Within an Organisation

Goals play a large part in any organisation—they serve as the driving force in moving forward. Having a goal makes it easy to see where a company is headed. However, what happens when the goals you’ve set turn out to be unachievable and quite unrealistic? Our guest for today, Scott Watkins, Chairman of the Board for Pollinate Group Australia will answer the question we’ve mentioned above. Along with that, we will be discussing two more things: 1) Mergers of NFPs, and 2) Having effective communication tools within the board and volunteers.
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