Screencast-O-Matic – the way to share videos

In today’s blog we look at ways to share video files demonstrating actions taken using your computer without having to spend a fortune whether this be for training purposes or record keeping of presentations.


The Basics is a site that allows users to create recordings of their screen activity and audio using a simple file download and there is no requirement for major tech knowledge.  If you are unable to download programs to your local computer, Screencast has an inbuilt web recorder that is able to be used straight from their web page.

With an easy to follow guide and very user friendly design, the program allows you to start recording your screen shots and movements very quickly.  This allows the content to be recorded and used quickly which allows for training or instructional materials to be dispersed in a timely manner.


Our Review

With an easy to use system, the recording cannot be simpler:


The adjustable area of the recording is a handy tool as this allows for areas to be left out of the recording should they not be required.

The option to record audio during the recording or to overlay it in the future is a feature that separates this application from others.  You can make sure that you have the video right prior to overlaying the audio file, rather than trying to get both right simultaneously and this can lessen the pressure of the recording process.

Easy to set up accounts on Screencast-o-Matic mean that you are able to commence the recording of your files quicker than when using other applications and you are also able to upload these files directly to YouTube allowing for easy sharing.  Users can also select to save their files in a range of formats, choosing from MP4, AVI and FLV, allowing for more customisation.

There are two versions of the application, free and premium, meaning that if you want to try it out and see how you can use it, there is no initial outlay (the only restriction on this is that it only allows 15 minutes of recording time per video).  Alternatively, you can pay for a premium version which adds some features and allows access to the channels within Screencast-o-Matic and also allows for unlimited recording time.  At the time of posting, the cost of the premium service was $15 per year.

On the downside, the website can be hard to navigate at times (particularly when you are a new user). However, instructions are available for the use of the program that allow for ease of use.

The learning curve of the program may be a little steep at first but allows for the user to be up and running fairly quickly.

Overall, it is a good program with a lot of potential for the right market.  As a teaching or instructional aid for your workplace, you cannot go past Screencast-o-Matic.

Try it out for yourselves – we am sure you will be impressed and see the potential times that it is able to be used.  We have used the program to create a number of instructional videos for our staff members as well as some client groups and have found it easy to use and not overly time consuming.



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