TeamViewer – remote access to your computers

Do you have team members that are out on site or do you have offices in remote locations and need to do some training or show team members how to complete a task while watching them?

Is so, then TeamViewer is for you.


The Basics

The program allows you to access other computers that have the program installed.  It has a great user interface and allows both users to control the same screen and work simultaneously.

The program is available on multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux, making it a very powerful tool to be used across all users no matter where they are based or what system they are using.

The simple set-up also allows for faster resolution of issues should they arise and allow for your team, or whoever you are helping to get on with their work so that you are able to get on with yours.


The Pros

  • Free to use
  • Can be used on a desktop or if required on a tablet or phone
  • You can remotely reboot a computer in safe mode without losing connectivity
  • TeamViewer can share a single application (or window) or can share the entire desktop if required
  • File sharing via the application is quick and allows for you to see the progress of the transfer
  • The whiteboard feature of the program allows for sections of text to be highlighted or you can draw on the screen if required
  • Remoting printing is available
  • Works with multiple monitors


The Cons

  • In a commercial environment use of the program needs to be paid for (under licensing arrangements)
  • Some monitoring software is installed to ensure that ”commercial use” is not taking place

Team sessions can also be conducted utilising the program, hence the reason for the name.  This is a useful function when you have a team presentation to deliver and cannot have all team members in the one location.  This ensures that all of the team members are receiving the same information at the same time and via the same delivery method, increasing time and cost efficiency and reducing the chances of key information being missed.

If you are looking for an easy to use tool that allows you to share control or view multiple computers at the same time, then this is the program for you.


Our review

Try it out for yourselves – I am sure you will be impressed and see the potential applications.  We have used the program on many occasions saving us a lot of trouble with having to have all team members on site at the same time and alleviating expensive IT costs that may be incurred if we were not able to use the program.



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