The Not For Profit Podcast Ep 09: Collaboration with Volunteers

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“Two is better than one.” With any goal, business, or anything we do, it’s always easier when we are not alone. I’m sure a lot of you will agree with me on this, that’s why we’re bringing in our guest to talk about collaboration. Why is it important, especially for NFPs?

Andrea Watkins — the Humanitarian Hub Coordinator of NSW Humanitarian Hub will be talking to us about these three main points: 1) Going in-depth about collaboration; 2) Managing collaboration and keeping it simple; and 3) Volunteer training and its impact to the organisations.

Andrea’s Introduction (2:39)

  • What is the humanitarian hub?
  • The reason behind the Humanitarian Hub’s existence
  • Andrea gives a quick backstory of her previous experiences before going into NFPs

Finding Volunteers (6:24)

  • Volunteers are dwindling a bit — how hard is it to find volunteers?
  • Andrea tells us how she finds volunteers.
  • Collaboration includes supporting one another and sharing volunteer resources.

Volunteer Database (8:13)

  • What does a volunteer database look like?
  • How does the database work?
  • An overview of the database’s functions

Being Collaborative in Spite of the Differences (9:41)

  • The four organisations in the hub have different functions. How do they come together and collaborate?
  • Andrea talks about making collaboration work in spite of the differences.
  • The main ingredient in making organisations collaborative.
  • Being COMMITTED and HONEST – two factors that are essential in making collaboration efforts successful.
  • Why it’s important always to keep communication lines OPEN?

Funding (12:19)

  • How does the hub get funds?
  • Andrea names the three philanthropic organisations who fund the hub.
  • How far has the funding allowed the humanitarian hub to go?
  • Working together equates to the easier accomplishment of tasks.

Into the Future (14:14)

  • What are the hub’s plans for the following years?
  • Andrea tells us how speaking at different events has allowed her to promote the power of collaboration.

Collaboration (15:37)

  • Starting with collaboration
  • Trust and respect — two important values that allow collaboration to happen.
  • Having similar values, same objectives, and core purposes — why do these things matter?
  • The hub is strictly for volunteers NOT fundraising — how does this help in achieving the hub’s goals more easily?
  • Keep collaboration simple.

Volunteer Training (18:23)

  • What is the bespoke training for volunteers?
  • What are the topics included in the bespoke training?
  • How many volunteers join each session?
  • How has bespoke training helped the volunteers so far?
andrea watkins

Who is Andrea Watkins?

Andrea Watkins is the coordinator at the New South Wales Humanitarian Hub. Not for Profits have always been her passion. Today, as the hub’s coordinator, she helps volunteers understand their functions and roles by offering training. Andrea also helps more people understand the power of collaboration by speaking at events.

If you wish to contact her, you may go to the New South Wales Humanitarian Hub website by clicking here.

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