Value your auditor – Value adding for your business

It’s audit time again…

So, perhaps audits are one of those things that you think about once or twice a year – when you receive an email about scheduling an appointment for the upcoming year or have a calendar reminder set to book in a time.  You get to the end of the financial year or reporting period and then start to think about the process and what documentation may need to be collated or whether the system change you made part way through the year has gone smoothly and been implemented correctly.  You might receive a checklist outlining documentation that is required for the audit and then start the scramble to find everything just before the appointment.


What if there was an alternative?  Options that would save time in those days prior to the year end or interim audit but also throughout the year?

We believe that many headaches can be avoided through a proactive approach to audit planning and through a productive working relationship between your company or client and our team.   Our aim is to provide you with a high quality service throughout the year to streamline processes and assist you to ensure systems are running as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Your auditor can be of assistance any time in the year

Our team are available to your business throughout the year – should you have an unfamiliar situation arise or a query you’d like to check with us about before inputting data into your system and potentially creating headaches down the track, we are only a phone call or email away.  A small investment of time now can save hours and hours of repair work down the track.  We are a ‘adding value’ business.


We are not just a once a year contact

We believe that the most productive relationships are proactive and thus our goal is to be available to you throughout the year to address any queries or changes that may arise so that we can streamline the process come audit time.


We can help you make decisions about new accounts for your system

Perhaps you’re considering changing your accounting system part way through the year.  This can be a process fraught with difficulties and glitches if all relevant scenarios are not addressed initially and the system is not set up correctly from the outset.  We can discuss the potential issues with you before you embark on this journey and suggest strategies to streamline the process – it’s much easier to get it right from the beginning that try to make changes retrospectively, saving you much time and effort.


We can help with the determination of classification of assets and liabilities

Should you have concerns about how to classify certain items or transactions, we can discuss this with you at the time, saving unnecessary steps and changes down the track.

It is always easier to check with the auditor when you are making the transaction rather than trying to remember 6 or 8 months down the track when the audit is conducted

So much time can be saved (not to mention avoiding the additional stress and last minute ‘panic’) if a situation is addressed when all the information is available and the scenario is ‘fresh in people’s minds’ rather than retrospectively.


How can we help?

CB Audit provides a high quality service to our clients and are available year round to discuss your individual scenario and tailored solutions for your business.  Please contact us to discuss any queries on 1300 CBAUDIT.

If you are not a current client and would like more information on our services, please contact CB Audit – [email protected]