The Not For Profit Podcast Ep 01: Working with Volunteers in a Growing NFP

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Are you eager to know what it truly takes to manage a not-for-profit? For certain, a good NFP will go through growth stages, and that can mean growing pains. So how can you be ensured that the meaning and simplicity of a not-for-profit does not get lost whilst moving forward?

In today’s episode, we talk to Tim Oberg, Strategic Director of Parkrun. We’ll be talking about three main points: 1) The legal setup of the entity; 2) Consistent simplicity, and 3) Managing remote teams to get the best practices and resources.

All that in this episode of The Not for Profit Podcast, so be sure to join us until the end.

The Hurdles in Starting a Not for Profit (6:15)

  • Documents and requirements for compliance
  • Setting up a board
  • Creating your own constitution
  • Financial responsibility

If you were to go back, what advice would you give yourself? (7:53)

  • Regarding legal structures
  • Investigating about legalities of not for profits
  • Pay for advice if you have to

Managing the satellites: How were you able to manage everything to be similar? (10:43)

  • Simplicity is key
  • Being consistent and confident with who you are and what you do
  • Understand the do’s and don’ts
  • Repetition of the right information is a big factor
  • Values should align
  • Always be thankful and polite

Moving forward: When do you bring new people in? (15:07)

  • Consider the financial status
  • Consider the growth acceleration
  • Do you see your not for profit growing in the near future?

How do you manage your staff? (18:55)

  • Meeting halfway
  • Daily communication
  • Trust is essential
  • Empower your team

Common issues with remote staff: Does working from home work for everybody? (22:04)

  • Social Isolation
  • Communication

Key factors that matter when you’re in a not for profit (24:30)

  • Passion is crucial
  • Definitely NOT finances
  • Work ethics
  • Values

Important lessons to part with (27:09)

  • Be able to answer the question, “Are you gaining satisfaction daily from this NFP?”
  • “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Who is Tim Oberg?

Tim Oberg is the Strategic Director of Parkrun. He is a self-motivated, energetic leader who possesses the unique ability to build rapport with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Tim is highly organised and is capable of managing multiple projects at once. Tim is an inspiring educator and speaker.

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